The 6th Annual WIT Lean Excellence Forum will be held on 3rd May 2018 at the WIT Arena. The Annual WIT Lean Enterprise Excellence Forum – a core element of the wider Lean Business Ireland community of learning and practice.

This industry-academia conference focuses on best practices and cutting-edge developments in Lean enterprise, operational, and process excellence; Lean thinking and practices; and continuous improvement. It will be of interest to organisations of all sizes and from all sectors that have adopted or will adopt Lean thinking and practices to enable and sustain competitiveness in national and global marketplaces.

The Annual WIT Lean Enterprise Excellence Forum is distinctive for featuring organisations of all sizes – from large Multinationals to SMEs to Micro Enterprises – as well as being distinctive for its diversity of presentations from public and private organisations across manufacturing, services, construction, and healthcare sectors.

The conference provides a wonderful opportunity for industry practitioners to network, to exchange knowledge about their experiences and learnings, and to participate in presentations and breakout sessions delivered by subject matter experts and experienced Lean practitioners delivering daily at their gemba.

This is a free and open all-day conference; however places are limited and it is strictly a ticket-only event with registration and booking via Eventbrite.

Source: Waterford Institute of Technology 

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